Some studies have actually shown a link between high levels of caffeine consumption and delayed conception.

So why would that be? Well, there are several reasons.

Firstly, caffeine is a diuretic.  This means that it will increase the frequency of your urination and this can cause a reduction in your body fluid levels and ultimately lead to dehydration.  When the body is dehydrated it can put stress on the body as water is required for virtually every single bodily function we have.

Caffeine is also a stimulant.  That means it increases your blood pressure and heart rate.  It also stimulates the release of stress hormones in the body.  This then can negatively impact the reproductive hormones namely progesterone which is the important pregnancy hormone.

When the body is running low on the stress hormone cortisol it will steal progesterone to convert into cortisol.  As women age their hormones natural decline so anything that jeopardises the progesterone levels further that is in your control is best to be avoided.

It’s important to realise that caffeine is found in many different drinks and even some foods so its good to read labels.

For example soft drinks, chocolate, and even some medications contain caffeine.

Caffeine also leaches vitamins and minerals out of the body.  It can increase oxidation in sperm and destroy some of the healthy production of sperm cells.

Research has also shown that caffeine may impact on the ability of the embryo to implant in the uterus lining.


I really recommend quitting coffee altogether

Why not try some natural alternative drinks to coffee like Barley Cup, Kombucha tea, Vogel Bambu Instant coffee substitute, matcha tea or a turmeric latte.  This list is by no means it, so experiment with alternatives, you may be pleasantly surprised.

When you stop drinking coffee some people can feel some physical symptoms ie: headaches as your body gets used to the change.  This generally only lasts a few days.  Shortly after this passes people report back that they feel so much better for not drinking coffee.

If you are struggling to quit coffee, diet coke or chocolate as well as many other caffeine products, homeopathic treatment can be really helpful. Do book a free 30-minute chat with me to find out more about how I can help you.