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Success Stories

Nothing says more about what you do and how you do it than the people you’ve helped along the way…
heres what a few of them have to say about their experiences:


H.K Los Angeles, California

'After three unsuccessful rounds of IVF my husband and I decided to take a break from treatment and try some alternative ideas for improving our chances of getting pregnant. We were recommended Cassie by a friend and met with her on Skype for an initial consultation. Having never tried any alternative therapies or holistic medicine, we were skeptical but willing to give it a try. At first the changes were very difficult - giving up foods we enjoyed and investing a lot more time and money in preparing meals and purchasing supplements, but after a few months we were feeling the positive benefits of her advice. We both had more energy, were sleeping well and in better shape. My menstrual cycle started to regulate and my husband's sperm count improved. When we returned to IVF after 6 months we were able to retrieve twice as many high quality embryos - one of which went on to be our happy and healthy baby boy.'


K.B London

“Cassie is a wonderful homeopath and a kind soul and I will be forever grateful to her for helping me conceive my most precious baby boy. I thought I would never be able to have a baby, after dealing with chronic health issues, miscarriages, and surgery for endometriosis that left my ovary dissected in two. Just a few short months after I started working with Cassie, I got pregnant naturally–something IUI and multiple rounds of clomid (with its attendant side-effects) failed to do. Her remedies not only shrunk another endometrioma that was growing, but they seemingly helped repair the ovary damaged in surgery as it suddenly “sprang to life” and produced that fateful egg. She truly is a miracle worker and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone struggling with fertility or women’s health issues. She was an absolute blessing to me.”

Vicki B

Vicki B, 45yrs

"Thank you for your help Cassie. I keep pinching myself as I can't believe she's here after all this time.... I want to soak up every second!!

Our beautiful baby daughter, Isabelle arrived in July 2016. We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for all your help and guidance which I truly believe resulted in our success.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Times 1million!"


K.S East London

“Cassie has been a great help to me. I had been trying to conceive for almost 3 years when I decided to try homeopathy. After some very detailed consultations Cassie prescribed me several remedies which I took for 3 months; and hey presto I fell pregnant at the beginning of the fourth month. Once I had fallen pregnant, unfortunately I was one of those women who has a pretty difficult time at first, feeling very sick, constipated, painfully boated, being sick, having headaches and no energy at all. Cassie supported me closely throughout this period constantly tweaking the remedies as she had done during the initial pre pregnancy stage. I would recommend Cassie to anyone who is trying to conceive. She is professional, supportive, friendly and a wonderful person as well as therapist! We now have a beautiful baby girl.”


T.K, Berlin

“I met Cassie Everett over a year ago. By that time I almost despaired to become pregnant. I was 37 having painful and irregular periods and polycystic ovary syndrome. Traditional medicine hadn’t helped; it actually made me feel worse after a course of treatment with hormones. At that time I didn’t trust the homeopathy either; I just didn’t know how powerful it was, and simply decided to try…

I noticed changes after the first month of starting the homeopathic treatment with Cassie – these changes were not only physical but also emotional. In a couple of month my periods became regular and less painful. After seven months I became pregnant. It was amazing!

My pregnancy went very well – thanks to Cassie and homeopathic remedies. I found out that homeopathy can ease the discomfort caused by the intoxication in the first trimester. Then later on when a doctor prescribed antibiotics to me during my pregnancy, Cassie recommended a homeopathic remedy instead that helped me recover quickly and efficiently and most importantly without having to take antibiotics during my pregnancy.

When the time came for me to give birth, my contractions were weak. I asked Cassie for help, and the remedies she advised made a big change: contractions became strong and productive, and the labor went very well.

Now I am a happy mother of a little baby boy. I often ask Cassie for advice; the remedies she recommends make an amazing difference helping my baby and me quickly and safely.

Cassie is a great specialist, responsive and a helpful person. She uses a wise holistic approach where physical health depends on one’s spiritual state and vica verse. I found out that homeopathy is a powerful and safe remedy that helps to find a perfect balance for the body and emotions.”


E.M London

"I met with Cassie after struggling for a long time to get pregnant with a second child. Her homeopathic treatments complemented the other traditional (clomid) and alternative treatments (acupuncture, hypnotherapy) that I embraced in my journey to finally have a successful pregnancy. Cassie is a lovely, warm, calming influence and she treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms. For example, she prescribed remedies to treat my feelings of sadness following a miscarriage which did really make a difference. I felt she created a safe space to discuss sensitive topics and was very accepting of the advice that other practitioners gave (including doctors) which gave me a sense of comfort that she was confident in her own skills and supportive of my choices. I did finally manage to get pregnant again and my little boy is now six months old and the light of our lives. Thanks Cassie"


E.S London

"I went to see Cassie due to a difficult cycle (after years of taking the pill) and a very worrying diagnosis from a fertility clinic.

I started taking the remedies and following Cassie's advice in terms of lifestyle changes, supplements etc. I got pregnant few months after and my baby boy is now a week old! When I was 35 weeks pregnant my husband and I had a session with Cassie to discuss remedies to take during different stage of childbirth. Despite the long labour I'm pleased to say that my baby didn't need any help during delivery and I'm recovering very quickly!”


M.P-S, Bali

“Before coming to Cassie, I had had a miscarriage and had wanted to become a mum for many years without much luck. My hubby and I had given it a good go for about a year and nothing was happening. During our session Cassie asked me some well thought out questions and held me in a beautiful space so she could determine what homeopathic remedies were the right ones for me.  6 weeks later – Leo was conceived! WOW – and 9 months later i have had the privelage to hold litle Leo in my arms. Thanks Cassie! If you are wanting to get pregnant the organic way Cassie is your woman!”


D.L North London

“We’d been trying for a baby for a year and having PCOS didn’t help the situation. After just one appointment with Cassandra we fell pregnant the following month! We now have a healthy 8 month old that brings us joy every day”


H.S London

“I was diagnosed with PCOS many years ago, and always at the back of my mind was whether I would have difficulties conceiving. When we started trying for a baby, my doctor was keen to refer me to a fertility clinic. I wanted to wait, however, and first explore the natural options available. That is why I went to see Cassie, particularly since she had experience of working with women who have PCOS. I wasn’t sure what to expect- my cycle was all over the place, often with very long gaps and I knew very little about homeopathy and how it could help. But I thought it was worth a try. I met with Cassie twice, first in February 2011. I discovered I was pregnant at the end of April 2011. Almost a year later I am thoroughly enjoying being a Mum to a very healthy three month old, Charlie. I would not hesitate to recommend Cassie, particularly to women with PCOS as she has so much experience in this area… as the new addition to my family will testify!”


S.Z, London

“I went to see Cassie as my last chance to become pregnant after 6 years of trying, I’d had 4 failed IVF’s and countless visits to doctors all over the world. I have to say, she is absolutely amazing, Cassie was the first person i opened up to and managed to explain what i was going through. Every woman who’s unable to conceive knows what i mean. I saw Cassie once, she gave me the remedies and i went home. The following month i had an agonising period, the pain was unbearable (as they say it will get worse before it gets better) and the next month, an absolute miracle, i fell pregnant. I will never really be able to thank Cassie enough, I now have a beautiful baby boy. I have seen many great doctors and no one was able to help me – Cassie did ;)))”


K.H.S Mordon

“After a year of trying to fall pregnant unsuccessfully I started Cassie’s Homeopathic programme, Cassie also discussed introducing relaxation techniques into my life to help improve my fertility and we fell pregnant almost immediately, we now a beautiful 8 week old baby girl, Cerene.”

E.M, London

E.M, London

“Cassie is a fantastic homeopath. I went to see her about trying to conceive. I have PCOS, and non-existent periods. I saw her for the first time in December and got my first period just six weeks later. Cycles became predictable and although around 40 days, with her remedies I fell pregnant in May. That pregnancy unfortunately resulted in a very early miscarriage but Cassie supported me through it. I carried on with her remedies and fell pregnant again in August, now currently in my second trimester. I would not hesitate to recommend Cassie, she really does produce results.”

D.M Italy

D.M Italy

“A man and an ex-scientist, I was sceptical about homeopathy and natural fertility methods. I was wrong, and I am grateful for that to my partner and to Cassie. Doctors said there was nothing wrong with us apart from my partner being beyond 40, and could only recommend IVF. Cassie instead assisted us using fertility charts, detoxing, homeopathic remedies, and most important of all treating us as a whole person. Causes for Infertility can be deeper than what any medical scan can reveal. Cassie believed in us even when I myself had given up in frustration. I now look in awe at our little Maia, born July 2016, against all medical statistics. Mum and baby healthier than what could result from any IVF treatment. This journey would not have been possible without Cassie’s kind and invaluable help. This is definitely a big success story, for Cassie in the first place!”


S.A Thornton Heath

“I’m 42 and I’d been trying for a baby for nearly 19 years, I was told by doctors it would be virtually impossible to conceive as I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, I tried IVF and fertility treatment for many years which all didn’t work for me. I became more and more anxious and depressed, I felt a failure but believed god would bring a solution and one day I searched the internet and came across Cassie. So I went for a consultation and after several months of treatment and nutritional advice I am pleased to say that I became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy in March this year. I’d like to give Cassie thanks for helping me.”


J.A London

“Cassie came recommended to me via Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy. I was seeking help for fertility due to a low egg count and being 42 years of age. I was healthy and fit nonetheless and did not want to accept conventional medicine’s wisdom that IVF was the only option. I found Cassie’s approach very professional and caring and in addition to my prescribed remedies she has been very helpful in suggesting dietary refinements, supplements and lifestyle choices. I really enjoy our sessions as I always leave feeling happier and more positive about life’s challenges. And most significantly I now have a beautiful baby girl”


B.C, New Zealand

“My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for around 18 months and had just seen an obstetrician to look at medical interventions to get pregnant. We weren’t very keen on the medication they wanted to give me so after seeing Cassie on a PCOS support facebook page I contacted her for help. She was amazing, even though she was on the other side of the world, she talked us through the options and was very understanding of our worry, after having had two miscarriages previously. She tweaked the remedies for me according to my needs, and within 3 months I was pregnant! We now have a happy, healthy 2 month old girl who brings us joy each and every day.”


N.Wickham, North West London

“We’d been trying for a baby for a year but having PCOS and a bicornate uterus seemed to be slowing things down. Having seen Cassie we got pregnant 3 months later unfortunately that ended in miscarriage followed 2 months later by another. However, we got pregnant 3 months later and with Cassie’s help had a healthy pregnancy which has resulted in a beautiful baby girl. Without a doubt homeopathy helped us to conceive as well as helping us through a particularly difficult time. Our daughter is now 3 weeks old and doing well!”


E.S, London

“After two miscarriages I began seeing Cassie for homeopathic treatment. She was incredibly warm and caring, and I immediately began to feel more positive about my chances of a successful pregnancy. She took time to talk through my health history and to understand my anxieties to be able to offer the best care and advice possible. After only 2 appointments I became pregnant and our beautiful daughter was born on 15 March 2014. I am certain homeopathy helped and would absolutely recommend Cassie to anyone else in the same situation. I would also consider homeopathy for other aspects of my health and wellbeing; for me it was a very positive experience.”


M.F Glasgow

"In 2015 I contacted Cassie for advice on stopping the contraceptive pill which I had taken for over 10 years. The reason for this was that my husband and I hoped to start a family.

My first consultation with Cassie was very successful. I immediately felt at ease and confident that her advice on appropriate homeopathic remedies would be carefully tailored to suit my needs.

I had several consultations with Cassie and as a result I felt very secure about taking the prescribed homeopathic medicines.

Cassie has always given the very best attention to any questions of concern to me whether large or small as a result I would highly recommend homeopathic consultations with Cassie.

P.S. the happy ending to my story is a beautiful baby girl called Alice!"