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A Cornucopia of Fertile Energy

By Cassie Everett | May 24, 2022

I love the word Cornucopia; it literally means a horn of plenty.  The word cornucopia seemed very fitting for this blog post title because fertility is, by definition, simply an expression of surplus energy. Your body needs plenty of energy to maintain every single bodily process.  This bounty of energy allows your body to do…

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Failing to be Fertile

By Cassie Everett | April 20, 2022

We live in a culture that is totally focused on lack.  We are constantly fed a message that we aren’t enough, we aren’t thin enough, pretty enough, financially stable enough… and so on.  If someone else is winning, we must be losing. We then end up attaching meaning to not feeling enough. This is then reinforced…

Signing up to be a higher dimensional mama.

By Cassie Everett | March 30, 2022

This months blog post is written by a woman called Belle who is a spirit babies practitioner.  She shares her 8-year fertility journey and I really hope it brings you hope and inspiration. 

Is it possible to have babies in your mid 40’s and beyond?

By Cassie Everett | February 25, 2022

With the right environment, it is entirely possible to retain healthy ovaries and produce new, healthy eggs well into your late 40s and beyond.

How do you find certainty on a fertility journey?

By Cassie Everett | January 18, 2022

Most women when faced with challenges that they can’t control (like their fertility) usually do one of three things. They either run away, try to numb themselves or try to control it.  That’s what I see and hear from my fertility clients all the time. They end up caught in a web of trying to…

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How do you know if you are ovulating?

By Cassie Everett | December 22, 2021

This is a question my clients ask all the time. Ovulation is so crucial when it comes to conception because without it, pregnancy is impossible. It sounds like such an obvious thing to say, but it’s something women often miss on this journey. If you are ovulating, then you are more likely to have a…

Becoming Obsessed with Fertility?

By Cassie Everett | December 8, 2021

I’m sure many women reading this can relate to that feeling of becoming totally obsessed with wanting to become pregnant.  You may be a woman who has always achieved whatever you have set your sights on in your life up until now and yet this is the one thing that no matter how hard you…

A Pro-Metabolic Approach To Nourishing Your Body

By Cassie Everett | December 7, 2021

I have been immersing myself in this new, nutrition approach for the last 6 months (at least) and it has been fascinating. It’s revealed to me how much conflicting and confusing information there is out there on diet and wellness. It’s a total minefield for people: including myself. I’m not a nutritionist, but I know…

The Honey Cap

The Honey Cap

By Cassie Everett | June 23, 2021

Years ago I discovered a wonderful diaphragm that had been infused with honey; the honey cap. Honey is actually a natural spermicide so this makes a pretty perfect form of contraception.