Do you have a social phobia?

When I run scans on my bio-resonance machine for ladies trying to get pregnant, what comes up time and time again is lifestyle stress – social phobia. This led me to write this blog post today.

The fertility journey can be isolating from so many angles and that can lead to women stepping away from social situations. That may be because all their friends are either pregnant or mothers already and they feel the odd one out. Or perhaps they can’t face the questions about their fertility from family members and so lock themselves away. With Christmas around the corner, this could well be at the forefront of your mind.

It’s completely understandable of course, that women on this journey would pull away from social situations.  

Woman AloneBut is that making the journey to motherhood even more difficult and painful?

Women tell me that because they’ve fantasised in their head that they’d be pregnant by xxx date or life event when they find themselves not where they thought they’d be, they withdraw even further.

Putting your life on hold in this way, waiting until you can say, I am pregnant too, is a waste of your life. It means you’re just not living in the now. I dare say that the baby you are trying to call in doesn’t want to land in a body that is feeling sad and alone, far from it!

Human beings are social creatures, we need community and connection to feel good. Cutting yourself off is never the answer.

If you recognise this pattern in yourself I recommend doing the following:

  • Finding someone in the same position as you that you can talk to, who understands the situation. Set up times to regularly meet and talk everything through. You may well find women from online fertility forums or social media groups.
  • Take up some new hobbies and create a social network with people of all ages, then the conversation will be on all sorts of different topics and fertility doesn’t even get mentioned.
  • Join a fertility circle, run by coaches or practitioners that enable you to talk with other women in the same situation as you, so you can feel a sense of not being alone in this.
  • Feel the fear and go out anyway, chances are that you will enjoy it when you get there, most of the things we fear in our mind never happen anyway.

If you would like to discuss your fertility situation with me in more detail then do not hesitate to email me.