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A positively fertile mindset

We spend most of our younger years trying desperately to avoid getting pregnant This actually sends a powerful message to the body that we don’t want to be pregnant. This message is further reinforced by all the fear around teenage pregnancy that is fed to us from parents and teachers when we are growing up. …

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An inspiring lecture on letting go

This is a lecture from Gabrielle Bernstein at a fertility show in New York.  She discusses how when birthing anything in this life we need to be calm and at ease.  We need to be in a relaxed state where we trust and are at peace.  If however, we are in a place of disbelief…

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Why is coffee so bad for Fertility?

Some studies have actually shown a link between high levels of caffeine consumption and delayed conception. So why would that be? Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, caffeine is a diuretic.  This means that it will increase the frequency of your urination and this can cause a reduction in your body fluid levels and ultimately…

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The fear to fail

Does this sound familiar…. As each month passes I feel overwhelmed, a fear has taken over me.  Maybe I’m not fertile enough, maybe we can’t have children.  It’s become an obsession, I’m crying all the time, I haven’t felt this anxious or depressed in my life before.  I feel like I’m spiralling down hill.  It’s…

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healthy sweet treats 4 Fertility

Sugar is not your Fertility Friend I’m sure you will have all heard me say how refined sugar is definitely not your fertility friend.  There are many reasons for that, namely that sugar causes inflammation in the body.  Sugar can also negatively impact hormone balance.  So it’s really important that you cut sugar out of…

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