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Posts by Cassie Everett

Let it go to let it in

fertility positive mindset

It’s all to easy to get obsessive and into a negative mindset around wanting a baby when it’s not happening for you as you thought it would.  The conclusion I’ve come to is that you need to surrender the need for IT to happen in order to allow it TO happen, but that’s easier said…

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Your fertile miracle morning

Trying to get pregnant can be tough emotionally.  People are often keeping the fact they are trying to get pregnant to themselves which can be stressful when they don’t have anyone to talk to.  Also seeing people around them fall pregnant can feel difficult.  Even when they feel happy for others it can make them…

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Is everything on hold for a baby?

I’ve had a number of conversations with clients this week about how consciously or subconsciously women find themselves putting their life on hold when trying for a baby. At first its very subtle, you just put off booking that holiday next year in case you are pregnant or you don’t join that class you love…

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A manifesting mindset

Today I read this blog post and thought, this is so relevant to infertility and wanting a baby.  Gabby writes about how we can all get attached (in some cases obsessed) in our heads to a potential outcome that we desire, like wanting/having a baby. She discusses how that thinking can almost block our desired…

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Take my questionnaire to see how fertile you are

Women are continually bombarded with scare stories about ‘leaving it to late’, as if any woman who’s not pregnant by 30 is destined to be barren for life. So what’s the truth? Our bodies are complicated and fertility problems can arise for a number of reasons – including stress, infection, toxicity, hormone balance, emotional blocks,…

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