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healthy sweet treats 4 Fertility

By Cassie Everett | May 14, 2019

Sugar is not your Fertility Friend I’m sure you will have all heard me say how refined sugar is definitely not your fertility friend.  There are many reasons for that, namely that sugar causes inflammation in the body.  Sugar can also negatively impact hormone balance.  So it’s really important that you cut sugar out of…

A Fertility Miracle

By Cassie Everett | May 7, 2019

This is such a beautiful ted talk about a couple who’d been on a very long fertility journey.   They’d done rounds and rounds of Fertility Treatment without success.  In fact, they’d even done IVF with the doctor who had invented IVF in the first place. This story really shows us that sometimes the ‘how we…

Fertility self care

Are you mothering YOU?

By Cassie Everett | April 30, 2019

Are you mothering YOU? This is a question I ask my clients a lot. What do I mean by mothering you? Are you looking after your needs, as you would for a crying baby? Taking the time you need to keep yourself balanced and happy on this journey to motherhood is so important.  Most of…

The Livers role in Fertility

By Cassie Everett | April 23, 2019

You might be thinking what’s the liver got to do with my fertility? The answer’s actually a great deal.  The liver acts just like the post office in the body, everything that goes in or on the body has to be processed by the liver.  Even the mosituriser you put on your skin.  In fact…

Is infertility making you feel powerless?

By Cassie Everett | April 15, 2019

Are you acting out of fear or faith? So often the women who come to see me are the type of women who achieve everything they set out to in life.  Intelligent go-getters, you might say.  When they aren’t falling pregnant, no matter what they do, they often feel a huge sense of failure and…

PMS cycle hormones hormone balance fertility

How & why your moods are affected by hormones

By Cassie Everett | April 9, 2019

How much influence do our hormones have on our feelings?   As your hormones fluctuate throughout the cycle they can make you feel dramatically different from one week to the next.  Understanding when this happens and how it affects you can be really useful when trying to conceive.  When possible, planning your diary around your…

The mental anguish of trying for a baby 2

The mental anguish of wanting a baby

By Cassie Everett | March 31, 2019

In this week’s blog post I want to talk about the mental anguish of wanting a baby. It feels so real and can take a strong hold of you.  That biological urge drives you to do whatever it takes to make it happen and yet it still eludes you.   Sound familiar?   The more…

Spring clean Fertility tips

By Cassie Everett | March 26, 2019

Fertility Fit for Summer It’s that gorgeous time of year (my favorite season) when the days feel longer, the bluebells are lining the hills and the sun, is well and truly OUT, yay.  Many people feel the need to spring clean their home.  But why not spring clean your body with my fertility tips. The…

The full SP on improving Sperm

By Cassie Everett | March 19, 2019

Why is sperm health important? When it comes to Fertility treatment, It’s almost always the woman who’s in contact with me, looking for help. When I then ask her what her partners’ sperm health is like, almost 100% of the time the answer I get back from her is, “oh they are fine”. What I…