Time and Timing

I’ve worked with so many couples trying to get pregnant and it strikes me that almost always there is a delay that’s blocking the couple from getting pregnant. I like to refer to them as ‘life curve balls’. It could be a sudden change of circumstance, a sick parent, a house move, a job loss, moving countries, a financial upheaval etc. There are endless possible things that could be getting in the way.

I also see couples who are seemingly doing everything right, from reducing their stress, sleeping better, eating well, taking all the supplements and remedies and yet are still not falling pregnant sometimes after years and years no matter what they do. It strikes me having observed this pattern now many times that perhaps it’s just not the right timing for them to have a baby when they want. Now you might be reading this thinking but that’s just not fair! And I’d say you are right it isn’t and yet we’ve all experienced situations in our life where no matter what we do we are blocked from the thing we want from happening. Then there are other situations in our lives where it is so easy and everything flows with barely any effort on our part and we say things like it was just so meant to be.  

Well, what if having a baby right now in your life is not meant to be, because the timing is all wrong? Even if you want it to happen more than life itself?

If you are reading this and it is resonating with you I recommend you take some time out to reflect on your timing. Ask yourself:

Is it truly a good time for you to get pregnant right now? (ignoring the pressures of your current age and the desire you have to conceive your baby)

Be honest with yourself.

I do wonder if it needs to be the right timing for your baby. There could be a million different reasons why the timing might be off from your baby’s perspective. They may want you to have matured in some way first. They may want you to overcome a situation in your life before they can arrive. There could be so many different possibilities.

You may be thinking “But how can you ever know?” That is a great question because I have no answer for you sadly. The only thing you can do is keep tuning into your gut feeling or intuition that generally is guiding you and knows what you should do at any given moment. Then just keep listening for the prompts from the soul of your next best step.

Finding true acceptance for where you are in your life is key. We can get into such a negative place when we feel in opposition to what is happening to us. Feeling angry when you want to get pregnant and it just isn’t happening can be very destructive. But if you can find acceptance of the fact that it is what it is, then you can find peace and from there you just might see things differently. This then ultimately helps you have the patience and resilience to wait for the right timing. Because I truly believe we are living in a time of our hearts desire and that means we can create whatever we want in this life. We just don’t know the when and we don’t know the how. So we must trust life to unfold and allow the timing to be out of our hands.