Plant The Seed & Keep The Faith

If you want to get pregnant and manifest your baby you can’t tell the story in your mind that it’s not happening for you or you’ve probably missed the boat because of your age. You may be thinking well I don’t…. consciously. However, you might be doing it without even realising it. Ask yourself, how do you feel when you see your period show up every month? What do you say to yourself in your mind? Or when you meet up with a friend who just talks about their baby? What comes to mind? Or when you go to a family party and your great uncle asks you when are you going to have kids? What do you think then?

Notice your self-speak. Is it negative or is it positive about getting pregnant?

It takes a conscious effort, to get on top of the negative self-speak sometimes. To have complete unwavering faith that no matter what, you believe this is going to happen for you. But that is the challenge that presents itself to you in this situation. You could look at it like a new muscle you need to train and exercise. You don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time. You just have to be as conscious about what you are thinking as you possibly can. This is because when you speak against the desires of your heart the universe then doesn’t know what you want. It will be confused. You have to send a clear, consistent sign to the universe or it just won’t get the message.

What you have to do is tell the story in your mind of how you want it to be. Just because you can’t see any evidence of the baby…..yet…..doesn’t mean it’s not just around the corner. We don’t plant a seed water it once and expect a flower to appear the very next day. We have to keep watering it consistently looking after it making sure it’s getting plenty of sunshine and then after some time, the flower pops up out of the ground. This desire you have to be a mum is no different.

We live in an abundant expanding universe and that means we can truly have whatever we want in this life, but we have to go about asking the universe for it in an aligned way. Our job is to become a magnet for the thing we want. We do this by getting in alignment with what we want and then it’s easier to draw it to you. Alignment trumps everything.

So how do we get Aligned, I hear you ask?

We must cultivate ease not tension. If you feel tense emotions connected to pregnancy when you see your friends (who happen to all have babies), when you see family members (who also all have babies) when you walk around the supermarket and see babies, when you get asked to go to a baby shower. You can see how easy it is to be constantly triggered, feel tense and then have a lot of negative thinking in your head.

We must find the sweet spot between feeling good, letting it in, and doing our bit (inspired action).

Ease allows the energy to work.

If you can get to a place of being at complete peace with what is in the here and now (i.e. your life with no baby) but at the same time feel eager for what you want, you are more likely to receive it.

In summary, here are my top tips for manifesting your baby:

1. Get clear on exactly what you want
2. Notice and work through your limiting beliefs
3. Feel the feels of it already being done, being yours.
4. Take inspired action, listen to your gut about your best next steps
5. Don’t doubt and KEEP GOING!