Are you creating space for a baby?

I will often ask my clients if they found out they were pregnant tomorrow would there be space in their life for a baby? And often the answer is no. Then of course they say “Well, if I got pregnant I would then make space and I’d have 9 months to do that”. However, I wonder if making the space first allows for the baby to come in quicker.  

Shifting your life to make space for a pregnancy and a baby is crucial for conception because shifting your life means slowing down. When you slow down, you send a signal to your endocrine system that there’s no physical threat to your well-being and that your body is in prime condition for a developing foetus to thrive.

Women who come to see me generally fall into one of three camps:

  • Firstly, there are the career woman who’ve spent the last decade or so focused on climbing the corporate ladder, devoting their energy pretty much exclusively to their work
  • Then there are the women who work in caring professions such as nurses and teachers. These women have often got into a trap of giving so much of themselves to others that there is very little left for themselves.
  • Then there are the women who have not long come off the pill, who have often been taking the pill since their teenage years, only to discover that the synthetic hormones had been masking an underlying function issue that’s now blocking their ability to conceive.

Mother and BabyWhat I do is help these women come back into alignment with their bodies. Because once you start living in partnership with your body, you will have the power to achieve whatever you would like, be it natural conception or anything else for that matter.

Ask yourself the following question: What are you willing to shift in your life to be in a perfect place for natural conception?

Learning to slow down begins by shifting your priorities and living your life as if you already had a child. One of the most common problems I see in women who have trouble conceiving is they’ve overextended their lives. This leaves them feeling drained and stands in their way of being a viable vessel for a baby.

  • Try thinking about how you would live your life if you already had a baby
  • Ask yourself if you saying no to commitments that push you over the limit of what you’re able to accomplish without feeling burnt out because if not you must start!
  • Are you setting boundaries so that instead of giving everything you have to everyone else you leave some energy for yourself to prepare healthy meals for yourself?
  • It means building self-care into your routine and following through with it as you would with any other appointment
  • When new opportunities arise ask yourself will this activity charge my battery or drain it?
  • Start looking at your life from a new perspective, and examine how you could put an end to overextending to be able to make space for a baby in your life.

I love helping women fall pregnant and achieve their dream of becoming a mother. To arrange a free video call with me to discuss your fertility situation, click here.