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Take my questionnaire to see how fertile you are

Women are continually bombarded with scare stories about ‘leaving it to late’, as if any woman who’s not pregnant by 30 is destined to be barren for life. So what’s the truth? Our bodies are complicated and fertility problems can arise for a number of reasons – including stress, infection, toxicity, hormone balance, emotional blocks,…

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Are you addicted to stress?

Could stress be blocking your Fertility? I recently listened to some really inspiring talks by Dr Joe Dispenza who is a researcher. His passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics.  What struck me was he talked about how we are all becoming…

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A positively fertile mindset

We spend most of our younger years trying desperately to avoid getting pregnant This actually sends a powerful message to the body that we don’t want to be pregnant. This message is further reinforced by all the fear around teenage pregnancy that is fed to us from parents and teachers when we are growing up. …

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A Fertility Miracle

This is such a beautiful ted talk about a couple who’d been on a very long fertility journey.   They’d done rounds and rounds of Fertility Treatment without success.  In fact, they’d even done IVF with the doctor who had invented IVF in the first place. This story really shows us that sometimes the ‘how we…

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