Is past trauma holding your hormones hostage?

When we have a history of trauma or traumatic experiences the memories or thoughts of these experiences can be stored in the body. When our nervous system downloads these messages, it then decides if something is dangerous or not. If it thinks it’s dangerous then it triggers our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). Our adrenal glands are then poised to send a signal to the body that it needs to protect itself. This results in stress hormone levels rising.

Chronic stress sends a signal to the central nervous system subsequently communicating to the body that it is not safe to procreate. As a result, a variety of changes to the hormone balance could occur for example:

  • Lowered progesterone and or testosterone which are crucial hormones for good fertility
  • Increased stress hormones from the adrenals which can suppress progesterone
  • Downregulation of thyroid hormones that influence good metabolism
  • Weaker signalling to both the brain and ovaries to not produce hormones such as LH and FSH which may negatively impact ovulation

If your body doesn’t feel safe, regardless if you are consciously aware of it or not, it will not want to reproduce.

So what can you do about it?

I have seen homeopathic treatment release trauma from the body and restore hormone balance time and time again. Ideally through seeing a practitioner for an individualised prescription. This is always the best way for homeopathic treatment to be the most effective. However, here are 3 homeopathic remedies that I see come up time and time again with a brief description of each:

  • Staphysagria – This remedy is a useful remedy for those people who have been abused, bullied or humiliated, but do not express their anger and hold it all in. They may become resentful and depressed, and this is one of the main remedies for physical symptoms that appear after suppressed anger.
  • Stramonium – People who need the remedy Stramonium may experience and re-experience fear and terror after a bad shock. Stramonium can express a wider range of feelings (from hysteria with loud laughing to rage and feelings of unreality). While a fear of death may be present, the prominent fear is a fear of the dark. 
  • Aurum Metalicum – People who may have become seriously depressed after traumatic stress. They can fall into a deep, dark pit of despair after a brief period where feelings of anger surface and are then suppressed. They find music soothing.

Purchase the remedy in a 30c potency and take 1 pill 3 times a week for 2 weeks, then stop and assess how you feel. If symptoms persist always consult with a qualified homeopath or medical doctor. You can purchase remedies here. 

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