Conceiving Is All About Receiving

With the festive season fast approaching I thought it would be topical to write about receiving in relation to conceiving your baby.  

When you are in a state of doubt and fear over your fertility situation there is a tendency to try to control things, over plan and project endlessly into the future, I see this with so many of my ladies who are trying to conceive. This often leaves them feeling exhausted and stops them from being in the moment.

We all have two sides to ourselves a masculine and a feminine regardless of our gender. Generally, one side will be more pronounced than the other, often it’s the masculine. However, the feminine creation is an important aspect of receiving that many are not harnessing. Receiving is a feminine quality and to understand it we need to look at how we need to embody a balance between the masculine and feminine modes of creation within ourselves.  

Chances are many of us were taught the masculine mode of creation very well, it involves drawing on our logic, mental clarity, willpower, taking action, and our strength particularly individual strength to create that which we want to create. However important these qualities are and all of these masculine qualities are wonderful in and of themselves. However, we need to balance these with feminine modes of creation and they include the ability to connect to our divine inspiration and truth, being able to come into the community and co-create with others without any sense of isolation or competition. When we combine our masculine and feminine qualities we have an opportunity to become super creative beings.

When what we do is aligned with our true self, there is a natural flow that begins to happen that supports us and provides the resources that we need without us even having to try. I like to refer to this as simply being in the flow. For us to start moving into a more feminine mode of creation first we need to be in alignment with our true selves, to connect with our vision of what we want to create.  

We have to embody being able to receive. When we can receive, we are enabled to enter into a creative cycle, receiving, transforming, and then giving out and then stopping to receive again. If you can’t receive, if you are hell-bent on being an individual hero on their journey slogging away to create then there is an important part of your creative cycle which is blocked. You are giving and creating, doing and you’re in action but you aren’t receiving any of the important vital resources for example love, support, inner inspiration, ideas, intuition and other extremely important resources which would help you to achieve your goal in a much more graceful way.

The womb is a great example of the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating and then giving when we make babies. As women, we receive the divine spark of the man’s sperm, his DNA into the darkness of the womb to create life. We receive oxygen and food and transform all of this to create a growing and living being and then we release this being into the world. After this baby is born we need to receive love from the baby’s father and the world around it. Taking time to harness these feminine principles will help you on your journey to conceiving.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to start learning how to receive:

  • Get quiet and into a mediative state, perhaps light a candle
  • Work out exactly what you want to create on this journey, and make a decision!
  • Once you are clear on what you want to create, use this vision as a seed, then visualise planting this seed in your womb, visualise it and ask that the light in your womb to nurture this seed
  • Open yourself up and invite in everything you need for your creative seed to truly manifest in the world (just be open to anything that comes, messages, ideas, thoughts intuition etc…no matter how random – make a note)
  • Surrender your creative vision and release it so you can deeply and profoundly relax and enter into a space of “this is done”  
  • You have planted your seed, you’ve called up on all that is needed. So now all you need to do is allow life to unfold gracefully and effortlessly so that everything can come into play. You can then step out of the way and allow the magic of the universe to take over.

It’s important to stop being attached to when and how this baby is going to come and just let go and allow your dream to manifest. Repeat the exercise above as often as you need to get the divine guidance you need to move closer to your goal in an easier more aligned way.