Could a lack of laughter be preventing you from falling pregnant?

The negative impact of stress on fertility is massive. In fact I would go as far as to say that the stress of trying to conceive is enough to stop you from falling pregnant. We see this playing out when couples suddenly fall pregnant at the same time as they adopt a child or deside to give up trying, often after years and years. It’s as if taking the stress out of the situation allows for conception to take place. So how would we explain this phenomena physiologically? Well one explanation could be that when the body is not under stress it is able to use the hormone DHEA (also knows as the master hormone) for converting into lovely reproductive hormones like oestrogen and progesterone and not stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. Resulting in stress hormones flooding the system causing the reproductive process to get disrupted.
I appreciate its impossible to stop feeling stressed about something in fact the more someone says relax and stop getting stressed, the more you do, its simply human nature. So what I recommend is injecting some fun and laughter into your life to counteract the stress of trying to conceive. Research has shown that feeling joy helps us produce the hormone DHEA.  So do whatever you love and that brings you joy.  It could be a night out at the comedy club, a weekend away, a visit to the fun fair etc….it just needs to be full of fun. A research study in Israel found that women who laughed during their recovery from the embryo transfer (within the IVF process) were almost twice as likely to become pregnant. I find this research fascinating and further substantiates my belief that the art of falling pregnant is more complex than simply getting the sperm and egg to meet. Click here to read more about the research.