My Episode of The Wholesome Fertility Podcast

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I recently had the pleasure of joining the wonderful Michelle Oravitz on her Podcast; The Wholesome Fertility Podcast. We talked all about balancing fertility with homeopathy and hormonal health. It was a wonderful conversation and I would love you all to have a listen! Find our more about Michelle Oravitz, host of The Wholesome Fertility Podcast Website:…

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The Fertility Waiting Game

One of the hardest things about being on a fertility journey is not knowing when your baby will show up. When your emotional tank runs dry, journey fatigue becomes a real thing!

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Could Your Fertility Be Dormant?

I pose this question: Could your fertility simply be dormant? We are bombarded by the message that as soon as you turn 35, your fertility falls off the edge of a cliff, but is that just a big fat lie?

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A Cornucopia of Fertile Energy

Female Energy

I love the word Cornucopia; it literally means a horn of plenty.  The word cornucopia seemed very fitting for this blog post title because fertility is, by definition, simply an expression of surplus energy. Your body needs plenty of energy to maintain every single bodily process.  This bounty of energy allows your body to do…

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