Could Your Fertility Be Dormant?

I pose this question: Could your fertility simply be dormant? We are bombarded by the message that as soon as you turn 35, your fertility falls off the edge of a cliff, but is that just a big fat lie?

The evidence points to it not being true. Therefore, it’s not that your fertility has ended; it’s just gone away for a while and can come back, even when you are in your 40s and beyond.

Many things can block your fertility. In fact, the body will only become pregnant if it feels safe to do so, as it will always choose survival over reproduction.

Michele Rosenthal once said, “Survival mode is supposed to be a phase that helps your life, it is not meant to be how you live.”

When I think about the many women I work with, many of them are overworked, under-fed, and over-exercised mentally, emotionally and physically. Your body perceives all stress the same, whether it be under-eating, cramming too much into your day, or even getting into an argument with your best friend. Your body perceives it as a threat and releases stress hormones to protect you as if you are running from an angry tiger. Even the emotional stress of a long fertility journey, thinking about it 24/7, can release too many stress hormones into your system.

If you are activating your nervous system and releasing stress hormones daily, it will have repercussions on your health and fertility.

Woman happy in the seaThe chronic release of stress hormones will eventually shut down digestion, increase blood pressure, suppress thyroid function, delay ovulation, raise blood sugar, increase oestrogen and impair your immune system because none of these matter when your body is in a chronic state of survival. Blood flow is diverted to your extremities, lungs, and heart to escape that angry tiger. Why would you think you could handle a pregnancy and take care of another life if you can’t take care of yourself and your basic needs are not met? Your body is protecting you and telling you something needs to change to feel safe enough to reproduce.

Now you might be thinking, but how did that woman fall pregnant? She is clearly very stressed. My feeling about the answer to this question is that we all have a different journey to pregnancy and if you are not falling pregnant easily and deep down you know that you are out of balance in these areas, then I really recommend making lifestyle adjustments that bring more balance to your life and notice how everything changes for you.

We can live more at peace, in alignment with how nature intended to bring down stress hormones, regain fertility, get our cycles regulated, our thyroid in check and our digestion functioning better. To find out more about how homoeopathy can help, send me an email.