Our environment could be causing our infertility

Exposure to environmental toxins may affect your fertility.  Most chemicals used in everyday life do not go through the same checks medicines do.  Consequently, poisonous chemicals end up circulating in our environment, food supplies, air and water.

The strongest evidence of heavy metals and environmental pollution adversely interfering with healthy reproductive function in women has been found from lead.  Other compounds that can alter hormone function and result in adverse reproductive health effects include:

  • Ovotoxicants: which can disrupt or even stop ovulation
  • Endocrine disruptors: which can interfere with hormone functions and cause endometriosis and PCOS
  • Phthalates: in plastic food containers, cling film, medical supplies, vinyl flooring and packaging at high levels have been associated with miscarriage and testicular toxicity.  At low levels they disrupt hormonal balance.

The top 6 environmental toxins to avoid include:

  1. Pesticides: found on non-organic fruit and vegetables, in meat, dairy and unfiltered tap water
  2. Formaldehyde: found in air freshners, deodorants, floor polish, upholstery cleaners
  3. Bisphenols: found in plastic containers and can leach into food and water
  4. Organic solvents: petroleum based liquids found in household products, electronics, car repair, health care, photography, agriculture, printing, construction and cosmetics plus many more
  5. Dry cleaning chemicals
  6. Paint fumes

Occasional exposure to one or the other toxic chemical is not of concern.  What is is the accumulation of these chemicals over a long period of time.  I recommend you look at the products you use and where possible wear gloves when handling or exposing skin to chemicals.  Switch cleaning, cosmetic and other household products to natural brands where ever possible.  Filter your water etc….  This will all help to reduce YOUR exposure to harmful chemicals and improve your fertility.

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