Exercise or not to exercise that is the fertility question!

Getting yourself as healthy as possible is the best way to improve your fertility.  However it is important to get the right balance as too much or too little exercise can actually cause fertility problems.   Both men and women can have their fertility decreased by extreme workout practices, which is why athletes commonly struggle with infertility.

So how much is too much? More than an hour a day, or over seven hours a week of intense exercise, is probably not good for your fertility health. 30% of a womens oestrogen comes from the fat cells.  If there are too many fat cells (or too little) your hormones will be out of balance which may be preventing ovulation from happening.  Ideally you should be exercising at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each time.  Try walking, yoga, swimming or low impact aerobics.  

How to get started? start with small goals.  Tell yourself that you’ll put on your walking shoes and walk outside with your ipod for just five minutes.  You’ll probably surprise yourself and keep going.  And if you don’t at least you’re getting started!

For some women who exercise excessively, who feel compelled to do so, they are actually struggling with something deeper emotionally.  Excessive exercising can be a way to manage mental health issues like anxiety.  If this is the case for you you do need to discuss this with a professional homeopath who can help you to look at what is really motivating your excessive exercise routine.

One of the tell tell signs that a women is exercising too much is that her periods are irregular or absent.  Men who over exercise also have low sperm counts as the extra heat damages the sperm.  

As an added bonus, regular exercise helps prepare your body for carrying a baby, it makes pregnancy and birthing easier on you and gives you more energy.

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