Are you getting the timing right?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about when is the right time to have sex in order to get pregnant.  before ovulation, at ovulation, after ovulation, when is ovulation? It throws up a lot of questions that can be very confusing.

Too many people come in to see me and when asked around how often they’re having sex,  their answer is all to often, just a couple of times a month at ovulation.  In many cases that is because they have been trying for over a year and the fun and excitement of trying to make a baby has completely disappeared.  However simply increasing how often you have sex can actually be a really easy way of improving your chances of natural conception.

Having sex more regularly boosts your chances for success, because:

  1. You are more likely to be having sex on your most fertile days.  If you’re only aiming for ovulation, and you make a mistake or ovulation is interrupted to due illness or traveling etc… you may totally lose that month of trying.  If you have sex every other day or every 2 days you’re likely to have sex at least a couple of times during your most fertile time.
  2. Frequent sex improves sperm health.  Healthier swimmers means you’ll be more likely to conceive. Dr Allan Pacey, a male fertility expert from Sheffield University and secretary of the British Fertility Society, said the research appeared to suggest that sperm sitting in the body accumulates damage as it ages.  He added: “If sperm is released in a steady stream, the sperm that is ejaculated contains newer and less damaged cells.”
  3. Sex after ovulation may even help with conception.  To be clear, you can’t conceive if you only have sex after ovulation.  But some preliminary research has indicated that semen exposure may play a role in the implantation stage of the embryo.

So if you are not having enough sex, try doing it every other day for a couple of cycles.  If you’re finding it a struggle try spicing things up with some weekends away or some new underwear and toys.  At the very least sit down and talk to each other about the importance of regular sex and what you can both do to re-kindle that spark you had at the beginning of your relationship.  Most of all focus on making it fun!