Is Ibuprofen having a negative impact on your sperm?

In the news this week they are discussing how taking ibuprofen for as little as two weeks may harm a man’s chance of becoming a father by hindering sperm production.

Men who took 600mg every day – the equivalent of three over the counter pills – were found to have a condition called ‘compensated hypogonadism’ where testosterone levels fall to an worrying level, which may impact fertility and sperm.

Taking pain killers generally is on the rise and people often think nothing of it because you can buy them over the counter, but what’s the long term impact on the body?

Paracetamol for example, can cause liver damage. liver toxicity can occur with use of more than 4,000 milligrams in a day,” says Dr. Glaser. “This would be eight 500-milligram pills, which is the dosage of panadol extra. Liver damage or failure may also occur at lower doses in those who drink alcohol regularly or who have pre-existing liver disease, such as hepatitis C.”

Paracetamol is often incorporated into other medications, you may not be aware of exactly how much you’re taking, which further compounds your risk. “It’s also included in multiple other medicines for colds or sinus symptoms and is commonly paired with other stronger painkillers.

Ibuprofen doesn’t pose as great a risk to liver function as paracetamol. However, some damage to the stomach lining is a possibility, which can lead to blood loss from the irritated area, stomach pains (gastritis), and even ulcers. This is also true of aspirin, which is related to NSAIDs and has many of the same properties. And if you use aspirin along with ibuprofen, the risk to your stomach is even greater.

To stay safe, be sure to inform your doctor about over the counter painkiller use if:

– You are taking these drugs daily and for an extended period of time
– You are taking prescription medications, especially painkillers
– You are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
– You have another chronic condition such as high blood pressure, kidney disease,
diabetes, or coronary artery disease.

I have helped many people with chronic pain and weak immunity manifesting as back pain, migraines/headaches and sinus infections. These are just a couple of examples of things that people commonly take over the counter pain killers for. When I work with people I look at the root cause of what’s going on with them and when we resolve that, then their symptoms disappear and pain killers are a thing of the past.

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