Kirstie Allsop gives her perspective on when women should have babies…

As many of you may have read a few days ago Kirsty Allsop spoke out in a major newspaper on her opinion about when girls should have babies.  She stated that if she had a daughter she would encourage her to not go to uni, to get a job, live at home so she could save for a flat and focus on trying to find a decent boyfriend to have a family with in her late 20’s.  As you can imagine she has been hugely criticised for this opinion.  I’m not sure about advising women to not go to Uni and every womans life situation is unique to them so one life path will ever fit all.  BUT what i do like is that she is encouraging women to consider having babies earlier in life and to not make the assumption that having a baby will just happen when they want it to like its a god given right.

Society tells women that they can take the pill for years have a long career then in their late 30’s / early 40’s just stop taking the pill then immediately start their family.  Sadly though many women find this doesn’t work for them and i fear that women pay a huge price for taking the pill for so many years and that some women will really struggle to conceive as a result.  You always hear of those women who stop the pill and then immediately fall pregnant but you don’t hear of the many many women who don’t.  This is why statistics should always be questionned thoroughly because urban myths can be very misleading.  I always use the analogy of a car, if you park a car and don’t drive it for years it won’t start and similarly when you turn of the reproductive system for years (which is essentially what the pill is doing) then some womens bodies struggle to switch back on and in some cases never do ever again.

I have had so many women sit down in front of me in their late 30’s / early 40’s who say to me I wish I’d known how hard it was going to be to fall pregnant cos if i’d have known I’d have given myself more time and done it years ago.  I do actually feel that the age isn’t as big of a block to conception as we are lead to believe and that many older women are perfectly capable of having babies BUT if a womans health is compromised through managing a stressful job or years of taking the pill for example then it will often take them longer to get their health back on track and if they leave it too late to start that process they may well end up running out of time.

This is the key point for me that we should be taking the eastern philosophy on pregnancy/fertility and taking 9-12 months to get the body in tip top condition health wise first in advance of starting to try and conceive so that conception can then happen simply and easily.

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