Let it go to let it in

It’s all to easy to get obsessive and into a negative mindset around wanting a baby when it’s not happening for you as you thought it would.  The conclusion I’ve come to is that you need to surrender the need for IT to happen in order to allow it TO happen, but that’s easier said than done of course.

When we have no attachment to needing it, it comes more easily.  I’m sure if you spend a few minutes thinking about that statement you can probably think of countless examples from your own life where when you just relaxed about something, it just happened, without you trying to force it.

When you get obsessive and start trying to make something happen, and for whatever reason, it’s just not ready to happen for you, it’s counterproductive to your wellbeing and you end up feeling that in a negative way.  How do you know if that’s the case for you?  Well there is a bad feeling of some sort.  If that feeling is of urgency, pressure and it feels uncomfortable in some way then perhaps it’s trying to tell you something.  If you observe a feeling of uncomfortableness in your current state of thinking/being then it’s a sign to leave that thinking alone.

I believe that our soul has a purpose, to learn particular lessons in a specific way and that is what dictates the path we lead in this life.  If your path right here, right now is not destined for a particular outcome, no amount of forcing it is going to change that fact.  So why not relax knowing it’s all unfolding exactly how it should.  When you do this you are then more connected to your inner navigation system ( your wisdom) that is always showing you what to do next and keeps you in your flow.

Generally, when you leave it alone it just comes to you.  Theses an ease, a natural unfolding when something is for you at that moment in time.

What’s nurturing for you? Follow the nice feelings, it’s the most helpful feedback there is.  What you are then doing is making yourself more available to wisdom.  Let go of the intellectual mode and move yourself into a more inspirational mode.  Which is essentially stepping out of the masculine and into a more feminine way of thinking.  It’s more natural to us to be and think in this way but it’s NOT what we’ve been encouraged to do.

So next time you catch yourself getting stressed, obsessive, pent up in your head about the fact that you are not pregnant yet, I’d like you to let go, relax and do what makes sense and feels right in that moment.  It might be to simply get up and go for a walk or hop in the bath or take a sabbatical and go traveling for 6 months.  Follow the better feeling and let your inner wisdom guide you as it always knows what’s best for you in any given moment, we just need to have the ears for hearing it.