A lovely testimonial from a lady who’d been experiencing repeated miscarriage

It was homeopathy awareness week last week so I uploaded different success stories on my personal facebook page to help with awareness. It was hugely positive and so I wanted to share some of the fertility stories here:

This is a story of a 35 year old lady who came to see me after 3 years of trying to conceive.

She had had 3 miscarriages during that time. This lady had had loads of tests done with a gynechologist but nothing had shown up as a problem. She had been working in a couple of different dental practices as a dentist, one in particular she found to be very stressful and this was really draining her energy.

We analysed her hair for mineral levels and toxicity and a striking thing that came up was that her thyroid showed as being out of balance. Alongside the indicated homeopathic remedies to balance hormones and support her body I recommended that she take a good thyroid support supplement and that she stopped trying for 3 months while her body rebalanced and recovered from all that she had been through. She agreed and during that time she decided to hand in her notice at the job that was causing her a lot of stress. I knew this would really help her as I often see that excessive stress can be a contributing factor to recurring miscarriage. This is because the body prioritises stress over everything else and will use precious progesterone to convert into stress hormones when it runs out of reserves. Without enough progesterone the body cannot sustain a pregnancy.

As soon as she started to try to conceive again she fell pregnant and is well into her pregnancy now. Here is a quote from my client:

‘After three miscarriages it seemed hopeless that I would ever have a baby. I felt unable to cope with the amount of grief and sense of failure this left me with. Homeopathy helped me with this and also to make the decision to leave a very stressful workplace behind that had contributed to what had happened. Now with my fourth pregnancy having homeopathy in hand I feel completely different, I feel safe, have confidence in myself and nature, looking positively into the future. Finally a pregnancy I can tell others about with good news!”