Managing the emotional strain of infertility

I’m sure that many of you reading this are fed up of the monthly disappointment you feel when you find out you’re not pregnant……….again.  Then wherever you look around it seems that everyone else is pregnant except you.

The stress that these feelings cause can really take their toll on you and your body.  It’s almost as if the stress of trying to be pregnant can also be contributing to why you’re not falling pregnant in the first place.

Therefore trying to manage your stress levels becomes really important while you are on this journey.

So here are my top tips to helping you reduce your stress levels:

1. Consider your own feelings

Its really OK to not go and see your friends new baby or go to a colleagues baby shower if you don’t want to and you don’t need to feel guilty about it either.  Just consider your own feelings and do whats right for you.

2. Monitor your stress

Whats your work/life balance like at the moment?  Assess the different areas of your life and think about whether any of the stresses in your life can be reduced or removed as the cumulative effect may be negatively affecting your fertility.  The more stress hormones are circulating round the body the more disruption to your reproductive system.

3. Just do what you love!

In your working week do you do anything that is purely for your own pleasure and really makes you happy?  Most of my clients who I ask this question to say ‘hmmmmm nothing actually.’  Most things we think we do for fun and pleasure are either to keep us fit and healthy or are actually for someone else’s benefit like walking the dog.  So I recommend finding something you love doing and just DO IT!  This could be a good book in the bath, a massage,dancing or a night out at the theatre etc.

Schedule some play time in the diary if you have to, as its easy to forget the importance of fun and pleasure while life seems dominated by trying to conceive.

4. Consider your relationship

Many relationships suffer when fertility issues come up so make time to focus on your relationship to.  Make time just for each other, romantic dinners and weekends away, remember why you came together in the first place.

5. Try something different

Why not try taking a break from trying for a few months, especially if it feels like its taking over your life.  I know you are probably thinking how will that help me fall pregnant……?  But actually escaping the vicious cycle of not falling pregnant every month for a while will help to clear your head and allow your life, your relationship and your hormones to rebalance again.

6. Try some balancing essences

Taking some natural flower essences can help to ease stress and help you to relax.  Here are my three favourites from the Australian Bush Flower Essence range:

Calm and Clear – great for relaxing and unwinding

Dynamis Essence – is useful if you are feeling exhausted from stress and anxiety

Relationship essence – can help enhance the quality of intimate relationships

You can order these essences from (follow the directions on the bottle)

7. Use relaxing essential oils

Essential oils can also help you to relax.  A combination of rose, jasmine and neroli is ideal.  These will also enhance feminine qualities necessary for improving fertility as well as lower stress levels.

If you have any other suggestions please do hit reply and share them with us.