Could metal in the body be stopping you conceiving?

High levels of heavy metals in the body can impair your fertility.  In men, lead, mercury and cadmium can impair sperm production and cause problems with the testes.  In women, even low levels of metals can increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Exposure to metals can occur in certain occupations (i.e.: decorators) through water pipes (lead and copper), certain processed foods (especially fats and meats), car emissions, contaminated fish, some water supplies, some cooking pans, silver fillings, exposure to old paint during renovations etc…..

Some peoples bodies are perfectly well equipped to simply carry these metals out of the body easily without causing any health problems.  Where as others find this process more difficult and then hold on to the metal in the body which can cause other issues affecting your fertility as well as causing other health conditions.


During pregnancy lead can leach from your bones and cross the placenta to adversely affect the development of your foetus.  Lead can come from old water pipes, electrical wiring, contaminated soil, old roofing, plumbing and old paint when exposed during renovations.

Examples of lead toxicity symptoms include: fatigue, microcytic anaemia, high blood pressure, cognitive impairment, loss of appetite and muscle pain.


Mercury toxicity is linked to infertility and miscarriage.  In men, excess mercury affects sperm quality and quantity.  For women it is vitally important not to have high levels of mercury in your body when pregnant because it would enter your babies circulation and impair the development of its nervous system.  Mercury is mainly released into the air through industrial pollution, silver fillings and contaminated fish.


Cadium is found in many insecticides, fungicides and fertilisers.  Cadmium is also present in cigarettes, motor oil and exhaust fumes. Alcohol consumption increases the gastrointestinal absorption of cadmium into the body.  Cadmium has a particularly destructive effect on sperm production.  Cadmium toxicity has been strongly linked with male infertility; it impairs sperm production and increases sperm abnormality.

One way to find out if any of this is an issue for you is to have your hair analysed in a labority.  I recommend using Foresight a wonderful charity who promote natural pre-conception care.  Their website is:

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