Could our ovaries hold the secret to premature ovarian failure?

This week I am going to be teaching a group of homeopaths on the topic of treating infertility.  So I’ve been looking over my notes and I stumbled across some research on premature ovarian failure.  It looked at the fact that the ovaries can actually generate stem cells that can be turned into new egg cells.  This is wonderful news because a lot of fertility specialists say that when a woman has a low AMH especially combined with a high FSH blood test result, her eggs are probably not good enough and they are often told to consider egg donation.

Premature Ovarian failure happens to women in their late 30’s / early 40’s when their ovaries stop working.   For older women, who’ve met their partner later in life or who’ve been focusing on their career, this may actually make all the difference.

There is more and more research into drugs that can facilitate this, an article published yesterday discussed how in one recent study, researchers were able to restore the ovarian function in rats that had premature ovarian failure. To read this in full click here.

What was interesting to me is that with Homeopathic treatment you can stimulate the bodies own healing response so that with the right homeopathic medicines you can ‘turn the ovaries back on’ without all this expensive invasive stem cell drug treatment with its potential side effects, and yet achieve exactly the same result.

The way I describe how it works to my clients is to imagine that your body is like a computer, which has lots of different computer programming information that runs all the different systems in the body ie: the digestive system, nervous system, reproductive system….etc.

When everything is working as it should the body just carry’s on and we don’t have to even think about it.  However when the body is exposed to a lot of stress at the same time, which can come in many different forms ie: a car accident, moving house, a stressful job, a difficult relationship, loosing a loved one, a chronic health condition etc, the body can’t always cope so the bodies self healing feedback mechanism gives us a message in the form of a symptom(s).

The body has a hierarchy of bodily function, managing stress is its number 1 priority,  and reproduction is right down at the bottom, the very least important.  This means that if your body is busy managing stress for example it won’t be prioritising ovarian function.

So what I do as a homeopath is find the right homeopathic medicine that acts like the missing computer programming information that’s been lost while under stress.  This then allows your body to heal itself and resolve whatever isn’t functioning as it should, in this example it would be the ovarian function.

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