Could your soap be the reason you can’t fall pregnant?

An article published in the Independent newspaper yesterday discusses how hidden chemicals in everyday toiletries are negatively effecting sperm health. They are linking this to the rise in unexplained infertility.

Interestingly the charity organisation Foresight who I work very closely with have been well aware of this connection for over 30 years now and have actually published a booklet outlining all the hidden toxins that we are putting on or near our skin that could be causing hormonal disruption. I always recommend that my clients get their hair analysed with Foresight to check for toxicity in the body as I feel this is a growing cause of infertility and can easily be corrected and detoxified from the body with the right supplements and homeopathic remedies, enabling couples to go on and conceive naturally.  Do email me for more information on this.

Its wonderful to see that the wider medical community are finally recognising this link and making it common knowledge.  To read the article in full click here

Also see below my latest testimonial from one of my happy clients:

“I went to see Cassie as my last chance to become pregnant after 6 years of trying, I’d had 4 failed IVF’s and countless visits to doctors all over the world. I have to say, she is absolutely amazing, Cassie was the first person i opened up to and managed to explain what i was going through. Every woman who’s unable to conceive knows what i mean. I saw Cassie once, she gave me the remedies and i went home. The following month i had an agonising period, the pain was unbearable (as they say it will get worse before it gets better) and the next month, an absolute miracle, i fell pregnant. I will never really be able to thank Cassie enough, I now have a beautiful baby boy. I have seen many great doctors and no one was able to help me – Cassie did ;)))”S.Z, London