Swap disappointment for Joy when trying to conceive

I’m sure that many of you here reading this will know what i mean when I talk about the monthly disappointment that comes when the period arrives each month that you are trying to conceive. That sinking feeling at the first sign of red, knowing that another chance of pregnancy has passed you buy and your goal of falling pregnant seems more and more out of reach.

I do see with many of my clients that the stress of not falling pregnant almost compounds the situation and makes it worse.  This is because we build a lot of negative thinking around it in our minds which makes us feel despondent and negative.  Of course this is completely understandable.  But if you were to see that negative thinking for what it is, just a bunch of unhelpful thoughts that aren’t based on any fact, then that might help you view your fertility situation differently.

We often can’t take away our stresses in life but we can view them differently.  So whenever you find yourself in a negative thought storm because your period has just arrived I challenge you to take yourself off to do something that you absolutely love to do, something that always makes you feel happy and joyful.  Whether its meeting up with your best friends for coffee, going for a massage, seeing a comedian, watching a funny film or getting away for a weekend with your partner.  If you are living in a healthy feeling you will be a amazed at how your state of mind changes without you having to do anything.

Taking the attention off the negative thoughts allows the natural healthy default setting to emerge.  When we feel joyful our body automatically produces the hormone DHEA which is vital for natural fertility.

Try it for yourself, do something joyful that really lights your fire and watch your state of mind change as you navigate your way along the road to falling pregnant.