The Milk Remedies

I recently attended a webinar teaching homeopaths all about a group of remedies made from the different mammal milks.  These remedies can sometimes be useful in Fertility cases because of the connection that breast milk has with ‘nurturing’.

There are homeopathic remedies made of human breast milk, cow’s, cat’s, dogs, dolphin’s, horse, wolf, lion and rabbit’s milk as well as many more.

They all share some common themes that can come up in peoples lives/personal histories when needing these remedies. For example:

  • Feelings of alienation and isolation: you may have felt abandoned in your life, failing to bond with either or both of your parents or loved ones.  You may feel like you are missing the foundation of your life in some way.
  • Feelings of separation – You may have experienced separation early on in life, this may then make separations later in life even more painful.  You may have never felt part of a community and feel/have felt lonely.
  • Trauma – You may have experienced a huge trauma early on in childhood.
  • Addiction – This can be to certain foods or drugs.
  • Ambivalence / irresolution – You may have issues making decisions or committing to things.
  • Pride or low self esteem – You may lack confidence in yourself or your abilities at work and this may hold you back in some way.  Perhaps you have taken on a lesser job than you are capable of because you don’t feel you have the confidence in your abilities.
  • A love of children – You may have a link to children in some way, perhaps you work with them or desire to nurture them in some way, or are wanting to conceive a child but can’t.  Being unable to conceive is one of the deepest wounds there are.  The milk remedies can help some people feel more sure if they actually want children or not. The milk remedies can help them to know if it’s the right thing for them and their lives.
  • Victim consciousness – You may have felt victimised by your life situation in some way in the past.
  • Nutrition – You may have a history of an eating disorder.  You may have binged or restricted food from stress, unhappiness, grief or anger.  Perhaps it gave you a sense of control when you may have felt that was lacking in your life.
  • Ungroundedness – You may feel ungrounded some of the time or have used drugs to escape your thoughts and feelings and help you deal with past trauma.  This can also play out as a fascination with spiritual philosophies.  You may have also sometimes avoided eating to stay ungrounded.
  • Pillars of the community – You may feel attracted to having a strong community and really enjoy the sense of belonging that it provides.
  • Vivid dreams – You may have had or have from time to time really strong vivid dreams.

Some physical themes that come up for people needing a milk remedy include:

  • Falling and vertigo – Perhaps a fear of falling.
  • Fatigue – It may be a sense of heaviness in the body, tiredness or just generally feeling worse for exertion.
  • Nausea – This can be in general and in pregnancy.
  • Throat issues – There may be a tendency to get mucus in a throat or a tendency to get sore throats in general.
  • Appetite issues – Either a huge appetite or a lack of.
  • Menstrual problems – Often heavy periods but sometimes absent periods also.
  • Breast tenderness – This may manifest as tender, swollen or painful breasts.
  • Sleep issues – Perhaps waking 4-5am and or waking unrefreshed.

If many of the emotional themes and physical symptoms outlined above have come up for you in your life, then perhaps you may need a milk remedy.  The best thing to do is always consult with a professional homeopath to determine if that is the right thing for you and to identify which milk remedy is best for you. Homeopathic treatment is always individualised to the person and so that is why this is so important.  

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