Is toxicity tampering with your fertility?

You would think that with all the healthy food available and medical advancements we should be gaining fertility, not losing it. Unfortunately though this is not the case. One of the reasons for this is an increased amount of toxicity in the body.

Increased toxins in the diet increases the body’s toxic burden, especially if not met by an abundance of nutrition to help detoxify these toxins from the body.   The body is very smart. If there is not enough nutrition to support the mother and the fetus, pregnancy will not happen. It’s a part of your body’s innate intelligence for our own survival.

With added colourings, flavours, thickeners, chemicals, antibiotics, GMOs in the food supply, its no wonder the liver is finding it harder and harder to do the dirty work of detoxification.  The liver acts like the post office of the body so everything we put in the body has to be processed by it along with all the hormones.  Also when the liver is weak you often suffer from increased inflammation in the body, simply because the body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to do the job right.  Think about that common bloated feeling around your cycle.

Protein deficiency can also lead to a less efficient liver function and detoxification.  The liver needs certain amino acids found in protein to assist with the second phase of detoxification.

I recommend really looking at your diet carefully and cutting out all the processed foods, reducing unsaturated fats like vegetable oil, increase good quality organic protein, increase good fats (to help you manufacture hormones), eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains along with lots a water.

I also recommend taking a really good quality vitamin and mineral (I like the Veridian fertility combination)  As well as a good pro-biotic and fish oil (omega 3).Finally I recommend Diatomaceous earth, its a new discovery of mine which turns out to be a true diamond. Its actually plant silica so is food sourced making it much easier to digest and abosorb.  It cleans the gut and detoxifies the body.  Under the microscope it has sharp edges so It detoxifies by scraping away toxins as it travels through the digestive tract.  As a result, your digestive system will operate much more efficiently, which then improves the overall effectiveness of the body. The plant silica also acts as a vessel to transport any heavy metals out of the body safely via the urinary tract.Mix a teaspoon of the powder with a small glass of water and drink once daily first thing in the morning (avoid hot drinks/food for half an hour afterwards as the heat changes its effectiveness) Here’s the link to a good one via amazon:

In short, the most common benefits of diatomaceous earth are:

  • Improved colon health
  • faster digestion
  • improved nutrient absorption
  • regular, healthier bowel movements
  • metal detoxification

I personally have been taking it and have found I have a lot more energy as a result – its fantastic stuff and not only that but its really cheap too!