A way around NHS funding cuts for IVF treatment

You may have seen in the news this week that thirteen areas of England have restricted or completely halted IVF treatment since the start of the year for women struggling to conceive, with a further eight areas consulting on taking similar steps.

In the area where I live (Bristol) they are consulting on restricting fertility treatment to women aged 30-35 only. This would make them the first in the UK to limit services to such a narrow age range.

This must be completely devastating news for women who perhaps haven’t met their ideal partner yet
at the age of 35 or those who are focusing on their career first so that they can be more financially stable before starting a family. Not to mention the thousands of couples who are struggling to conceive naturally and are just outside this very narrow age range. The reality is that for many couples the cost of IVF is not a possibility.

With more people having to fund their own IVF in the future it’s going to be even more important than ever to try everything else first to improve your own fertility. This will mean more couples looking at their own health and taking responsibility for making sure that it’s at the highest level possible enabling them to fall pregnant naturally. This is because the body places reproduction as the lowest priority – it literally thinks that everything else it does is more important. This means that if your body is busy doing/prioritising something else then it won’t be allowing fertility to happen.

What I do is help improve people’s health so that their body is happy to prioritise their fertility again. When I work with couples to help improve their fertility I look at the following areas of their health:

– Their toxicity levels in the body and/or their lives
– Their stress levels
– Their lifestyle habits that might be negatively impacting on their health/fertility
– Their diets
– Their energy levels
– The quality of sleep
– Their hormone levels
– Their general health

In addition to this I also help women fully understand when their most fertile time is so that they can be trying to conceive at the right time.

In many cases couples who really focus on improving their health holistically will automatically improve their fertility and go on to fall pregnant naturally. For those that don’t, the work they put into improving their general health will automatically improve their chances of IVF being successful the first time and I see this as a win win situation, especially if couples are having to fund the IVF themselves, adding more pressure to the outcome being a successful one.

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