Why are we taking fertility issues so personally?

Do you feel alone with your Fertility?

There are millions of women out there who are facing fertility issues. Whether it’s true or not they often feel completely alone with it.  Women can feel they can’t talk to their partners about it and they certainly don’t feel like they can talk to their friends and family about it. This is mainly because they are all having babies or it’s just too difficult to discuss and so these women are left to deal with the emotions on their own.

This internalisation and suppression of the emotions involved can feel so overwhelming.  Resulting in further stress on their system, potentially hindering their fertility further.

You may be feeling sad that after several years of trying to conceive, you still haven’t fallen pregnant, or regret leaving it until later in life to ‘try’, or you may be grieving a miscarriage.

There are any number of different scenarios that women face when experiencing fertility issues.

So, my question to you is this:

Is there a different perspective that you could have to see your situation differently and in a more helpful way?

I would like to offer up a suggestion, that you see your position as not personal any more.  When we can see that we are not separate from nature and that we are in fact all one, nothing is personal.

If we can wake up to that deeper part of ourselves – our divine, impersonal nature then we can truly see this for ourselves.

It’s so easy to see almost any situation in life like it’s our fault, we created it, we chose wrongly or if only we’d behaved differently we’d have a different outcome right now.  In that process of taking it personally, in some way, we give our power away.

If you’re waiting for someone to help you find peace of mind, you’re giving away your power.  Only you can find peace of mind within, regardless of your circumstances.

What would it be like if we could free ourselves of that judgment, that it must be our fault and just see it as the way it is.  Freeing us from the emotional burden that we are actually creating and putting on ourselves.

So here is my invitation to you, to see your fertility situation as not personal any more.

I believe that our soul understands that it is not personal.  We just need get on the same page of our forgiving soul.