Your fertile miracle morning

Trying to get pregnant can be tough emotionally.  People are often keeping the fact they are trying to get pregnant to themselves which can be stressful when they don’t have anyone to talk to.  Also seeing people around them fall pregnant can feel difficult.  Even when they feel happy for others it can make them feel jealous and upset sometimes.


This is why I recommend you counterbalance these difficult emotions.  I recommend you do this by establishing a morning routine that you do before you start your day. Morning routines are being used by hugely successful entrepreneurs as a way to support their awareness, focus and well-being and they are getting amazing results.


Hal Elrod has written an entire book on the subject called The Miracle morning.  He says that having a morning practice can help you transform any area of your life.  If you want to be happier, healthier, more successful or simply want to just solve a problem in your life he says that this is the answer.  Hal Elrod says “ My work is focussed on helping people take every area of their lives to new levels of success and fulfillment, as fast as possible”


I know its hard to fit more things into your busy life. However, I promise you, this will be worth it. It only takes 21 days to create a new habit so why not commit to trying something new and see what a difference it makes to how you feel.

I love how Fertility coach Rosanne Austin suggests you do your morning routine in her new book, see the exert below from her book Am I the reason I’m not getting pregnant”:

Set your alarm to go off twenty minutes earlier than normal and get yourself to bed twenty minutes sooner. This daily structure is intended to support you in keeping you on track for showing up strong and strategically to your journey.

This is how you will begin conditioning yourself to think differently and therefore feel and behave differently, so you can achieve different results. No more wishing or hoping. There’s only doing. You may find that what starts out as a bit of a pain becomes your new favourite habit. It goes by quick. So here it is. Your new morning practice consists of four steps. I strongly suggest you do them in order.


  1. Five Minutes of Visualization/Meditation:

It’s undeniable based on scientific evidence that one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves physically and emotionally, particularly when we are under stress, is take a few minutes each day to quiet our minds. You might see the words “visualization” and “meditation” and instantly want to barf because you’ve tried it before and “failed.” Well, the pressure is off here, love. I don’t expect you to outdo His Holiness the Dalai Lama with your meditation skills.

Our objective here is to give you five minutes each day to get quiet and visualize your life as you desire it. While visualization and meditation are two distinct things, I want you to allow yourself to experience both in these five minutes. Set the timer on your phone for five minutes, put on some soft music if you like, close your eyes, and get to work. Visualize your life as you desire it to be – from the family you want, to your work, home, and anything else that feels good to you. The power of visualization is something elite athletes regularly use to enhance their performance. It’s muscle memory for your mind. The more often you can see it in your mind, the more likely you will be to create it in your life.

Michael Phelps visualizes his races before sticking a toe in the water, and Steph Curry sees himself making thousands of three-point shots before he ever steps onto the basketball court. Then, take some time to let your mind just go quiet and be. You might drift back and forth between the vision and quiet and that’s perfectly fine. There are no hard and fast rules here, because I firmly believe that’s what makes meditation so frustrating. We all worry about whether we are doing it right! Just set your timer and go.


  1. Two Minutes of Gratitude:

Make a list of ten things you are grateful for – write them down. Just take a moment as you write each to think about the thing, person, place, experience, or what-have-you that you are grateful for. Bring the thing to mind for twelve seconds and really connect with it for that moment. Doing so really deepens the experience. This is also a chance for you to connect with and thank your Higher Power for having your back and bringing the abundance you’ve identified in your gratitude list into your life.


  1. Five Minutes of Journaling:

You might not have had a journal since you were a kid, but that’s okay. If this is your first time journaling, awesome! In either case, get yourself a pretty journal that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t make journaling harder than it has to be. Allow yourself to set your intention for the day in writing. In addition to writing your intention, write out anything that is on your mind as you start the day – be it feelings, a dream you had, ideas, a situation you’d like to process, and so on. Get what’s on your mind out onto paper – so it can be free!


  1. Eight Minutes of Reading:

We read all kinds of stressful things on a daily basis. This is a chance to just let your mind relax into a book that will nourish it. Choose books that encourage you to expand your thinking, move past limiting beliefs, and keep you deeply grounded in the truth that you can create the life and journey you desire. Set your timer for eight minutes and get going. Make the decision that you will start this morning practice tomorrow morning. Adopt a no excuses policy. Every minute you spend following the structure is an investment in yourself. Guard the time you carve out for this practice like a rabid pit bull.