Becoming Obsessed with Fertility?

I’m sure many women reading this can relate to that feeling of becoming totally obsessed with wanting to become pregnant.  You may be a woman who has always achieved whatever you have set your sights on in your life up until now and yet this is the one thing that no matter how hard you try is just not happening.


Becoming more and more obsessed about something that is completely out of your control can lead to your emotional state spiraling, leading to anxiety and depression.


I wanted to share a wonderful podcast by Kitty Blomfield.  It’s actually her own podcast and she is sharing her personal fertility journey at the age of 40.  She shares how she is an all or nothing kind of character who was becoming so anxious about not falling pregnant that it was affecting her both physically and emotionally.  She shares how she has had to learn about:


  • Acceptance – being ok with not knowing if this is going to happen for her or not
  • Gratitude – appreciating all the wonderful things currently going on in her life
  • Surrendering – to the process and being ok with however her life was gonna unfold.
  • Sadness – Allowing herself to feel sad at the same time as feeling all of the above and just being ok with that.


This podcast is a very honest, raw, and relatable story that I am sure you will find inspiration from.  To listen in full click here.