Believe your baby into being

What beliefs do you hold about your fertility?

Thoughts are that which we hold in our minds, that are shaped by the pictures we visualise and the language we use.  Whereas beliefs can be so silent yet immediate that we are not always aware they are there, yet they are absolutely having an impact on us.

If you believe you are scared of dogs, your body will react to that belief as soon as you see a dog, without you thinking about it.  Your belief will set off an immediate reaction of fear in your body, which you may respond to by shaking and sweating.  Your thoughts might be saying it’s just a small dog, it can’t hurt me, but your thoughts alone are having little or no impact on your belief.

Our beliefs are very powerful.  It’s very common to adopt negative beliefs about your fertility, for example:

All the women in our family have miscarriages


All the women in our family have reproductive problems

These negative beliefs can have a negative impact on whether or not you can conceive.

The good news is that your beliefs are yours to change.

If you think you want a baby but believe you’ll be a terrible mother your belief will cancel out your thinking.

You may have heard stories of mothers lifting trucks off their child with their bare hands when trapped underneath.  In that moment the mother saw herself performing the feat and then performed it.  This is because in her mind, at that moment, she believed she could and would do it.  One of the rules of the mind is ‘Imagination is more powerful than logic’  People who are ill and see themselves recovering, and use their imagination to see cells become healthy, dwelling on wellness instead of illness, tend to recover much more rapidly and more frequently than those who use the same powers of imagination and belief to focus on what is wrong with them.

Changing your beliefs, changes your biochemistry

Every cell in your body has its own micro brain, and unlike your brain, which has learned to doubt, and may doubt your ability when you say, ‘ I am expecting a baby’ or ‘I am becoming a mother’

Cells have no ability to doubt what you tell them.  If you constantly tell yourself you are very fertile and are expecting to have a baby, you are more likely to overcome unexplained infertility, because your body, and in particular, your reproductive system, will believe you and will act accordingly.

If you’ve had several miscarriages or you’ve been told your eggs are not good enough you can change those beliefs.  When you change your mind about the belief your body also changes too.  As your body picks up the new message that your body can become pregnant your eggs will automatically improve.  Our mind and body are very deeply connected.

We know that unexplained infertility can occur in very young women, and it is not related to age at all.  Beliefs actually create biology.  There is nothing in the world more powerful than thought.  No drug exists that is stronger than the mind. Beliefs are physical and real, but unfortunately, most people are completely unaware of the power of the mind.  Unless you take charge of your beliefs, you will act and react to beliefs fed to you by others, which may have no relevance to you.  A prime example of this is the media.  Its constantly telling us that a woman’s fertility is dropping like a stone as soon as she turns 35, but is that true?


With every belief you have about your fertility, it is important to ask yourself, ‘where did that belief come from? What authority did the person who passed that belief to me have? Where did they get it from, and is it relevant to me? Is it based on anything that is real and tangible?

Take out a notebook right now and dump all your beliefs about your fertility onto the page, you may surprise yourself with what comes up.  Then take them apart and let them go.

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