What About Your Other Half?

Husband and Wife

When it comes to your fertility, 50% is down to you and your health but the other 50% is all about the male factor.

Often the man is overlooked and in the past men weren’t even considered to be part of the fertility picture at all, but more and more research is proving that fertility issues are linked very much to the male factor and so it’s important to consider them as well as yourself.

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Take my questionnaire to see how fertile you are

Women are continually bombarded with scare stories about ‘leaving it to late’, as if any woman who’s not pregnant by 30 is destined to be barren for life. So what’s the truth? Our bodies are complicated and fertility problems can arise for a number of reasons – including stress, infection, toxicity, hormone balance, emotional blocks,…

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The full SP on improving Sperm

Why is sperm health important? When it comes to Fertility treatment, It’s almost always the woman who’s in contact with me, looking for help. When I then ask her what her partners’ sperm health is like, almost 100% of the time the answer I get back from her is, “oh they are fine”. What I…

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