Could the energy of the past have a hold on you?

I’ve talked before about the importance of the liver when it comes to hormones and your fertility.  The liver is the most multi tasked organ in the entire body, and it impacts almost every single process in the body so we need to pay attention to it.

Past EmotionsAn old emotion can get stuck in the liver. Even when we feel that we have let go of all our old hurts and griefs. Perhaps you’ve had years of therapy and you feel it’s all dealt with.  I want you to know that the interesting thing is that that an old emotion can still hold onto you.  

Isn’t that an interesting concept? Without us even realising it, the emotion can still be holding onto you for way longer than you are holding onto it.

When this emotion stays stuck in your liver, it can create an invisible barrier around you.  This then creates a confused sense of self making it more difficult for you to feel heard in your life.  It can also block the all important self-love which is the basis for ALL healing in your life.

What signs and symptoms could be there to suggest that old emotion is blocking up your liver?

  • Biting your nails or the skin around your fingernails
  • Addictions to sugar, caffeine, chocolate, cigarettes or alcohol.  This is because the liver desires comfort.  Interestingly caffeine calms the liver but it revs up the rest of the body potentially having a negative impact.
  • Struggling to digest fatty foods.
  • Waking up feeling tired and groggy.
  • Issues with your hormones.  The liver plays a crucial role in balancing your hormones.

If you suspect that perhaps this may be the case for you, I recommend you do the following:

  • Just know that old emotions could be hanging on, awareness is halfway there to letting them go.
  • Make a strong command to your body that all negative emotion must go.  Know that you’ve got the power and step into that power now.  Your Intention is SO POWERFUL.
  • Do a simple 7 day detox, eating just plant based foods to take the pressure off the liver and allow it to gently cleanse (contact me for more information on this).
  • Put happy emotions in, laugh more, create more joy.  We live in a world where most peoples automatic response to things is a negative one. We then all feel this on a collective level.  We need to make more effort to create more happiness in our lives by doing the things we really love doing.  Often we forget to make time for these things because we get too busy.  Schedule them in if you have to!
  • Drink ginger tea, simply hot water with slices of fresh ginger in.  This helps the liver.
  • Take milk thistle tincture daily for a month or two to gently clean out the liver.
  • Have individualised homeopathic treatment from a qualified homeopath.

Do you suspect your liver needs help? I can help, get in touch for a free 30 minute zoom call.