Is everything on hold for a baby?

I’ve had a number of conversations with clients this week about how consciously or subconsciously women find themselves putting their life on hold when trying for a baby.

At first its very subtle, you just put off booking that holiday next year in case you are pregnant or you don’t join that class you love because…..  Then before you know it, you’ve isolated yourself from your life.  And a fertility journey is isolating enough as it is, that is for sure!

I really recommend that you assess your current situation, are you feeling isolated? Do you need more fun to help you deal with what’s going on for you, do you have enough stuff to look forward to in the diary?

The big question is: Are you simply getting on with your life as normal?

If the answer is: no not really, then I recommend you make a change.  Start small.  Book something in that you find really fun, that truly brings you joy, then go from there.  Remember, you don’t have children so enjoy the freedom to do what you want, mother you first!

Unfortunately, planning for a baby is completely out of your control.  This means you have to let go of needing to know when it’s going to happen.  Its definitely going to happen of course, if that’s what you truly want, one way or another.  But it’s WHEN, that’s the piece you will never know and it’s darn right arrogant of us to think that we can ever know.

Keep the faith ladies, you’ve got this!

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