The Repercussions Of Poor Ovulation

I came across a piece of research done by Katharina Dalton, which helps to explain why we find allergic reactions in cases of hormone imbalance and how its effects on poor ovulation. Under normal conditions, the ovaries produce the progesterone needed for proper reproductive function, and the adrenal glands produce chemicals that are eventually transformed into a group of hormones known as corticosteroids.

During the process of chemical transformation, progesterone is manufactured. As the chain continues, the adrenal progesterone is altered, and eventually, corticosteroids are produced. Under normal conditions, then, it has nothing directly to do with the sex hormone cycle of the pituitary-ovary-hypothalamus.

Woman stretching for exercise and experiencing poor ovulation

However, when the corpus luteum produces less progesterone than usual due to poor ovulation, the reproductive system appropriates progesterone from the adrenal chain. The feedback system of the sex hormones is then able to continue, and the menstrual cycle is completed. It is almost like an extra backup system to ensure the survival of the species. So, despite a lack of ovarian progesterone production, the menstrual cycle remains unbroken. But this occurs at the expense of the corticosteroid production in the adrenal glands. The chain leading to their production is broken when progesterone is borrowed, and as a result, fewer corticosteroids are produced.

A little hormone snatching leads to a large number of repercussions. The adrenal gland produces many corticosteroids, each with a different function. Some are responsible for the water balance in the tissues of the body, regulating the sodium and potassium in the cells. Some prevent allergic reactions. Some regulate the level of blood sugar, and others mobilise parts of the immune system response. So, we can see that this imbalance, happening at the stage of the cycle before the menses, would cause much disruption as well as negatively impacting your fertility outcomes. If you suspect that you have poor ovulation and would like to chat to me about how homoeopathy can get your ovulation back up and running as it should, why not send me a message here.