Look At Life From A New Perspective…

From an energetic perspective, pregnancy may be eluding you because there isn’t enough space in your life for that pregnancy or, more importantly, for that baby to fit into right now.

Recently during lockdown, everyone’s been forced to slow down since everything just got cancelled. That part of the pandemic has been a really good thing. However, now that everything is opening up again its easy to fall into the same old trap of saying yes to too many commitments. I am often saying to my clients that when someone asks you something, always say let me think about that and get back to you, never commit there and then. This buys you time, then really consider what went on in your head when they asked you because if its not a “hell yes” it’s a definite NO!

From a physical standpoint, shifting your life to make space for a pregnancy and a baby is crucial for conception because changing your life means slowing down and when you slow down, you send a signal to your endocrine system that there’s no physical threat to your wellbeing and that your body is primed for a developing fetus to thrive.

Learning to slow down begins by shifting your priorities and living your life as if you already had a child. One of the most common problems I see in women who are having trouble conceiving is that they’ve overextended their lives. This leaves them feeling drained and stands in their way of being a viable vessel for a baby.

Activities that make you feel overextended will ultimately seem insignificant and fall by the wayside once you’re caring for a newborn. Don’t wait to let them go. Reprioritise your life.

Look At Life From A New Perspective

Try thinking about how you would live your life if you already had a baby. Of course, this doesn’t mean giving up your Saturday night with your friends, far from it! Instead, it means saying no to commitments that push you over the limit of what you’re able to accomplish without feeling completely burnt out so that your cortisol levels stay balanced and your adrenals stay healthy.

It means setting boundaries so that, instead of giving everything you have to everyone else, you leave some energy for yourself to prepare and eat the foods you know you should to stay healthy. It means building self-care (whether that’s cooking a nutritious meal, going for a jog, or taking a relaxing bath) into your schedule and following through with it just as you would any other work appointment or commitment.

When new opportunities arise, ask yourself, will this activity charge my battery or drain it? Try to minimise those that tax your energy, because they’re also likely to tax your health and, ultimately, your fertility. Start looking at your life from a new perspective: examine how you could put an end to overextending to make space for a baby.