Practice Self Love

When wanting to bring a baby into this world, you need to fall madly and completely in love with yourself first and fill up those empty tanks before conception takes place. Self love is key!

Why? Well, a woman who practices self love, who respects and honours her body, can be the best mother any child could dream of because she has a vast reserve of love and strength she can dip into at any given moment. You cannot allow the amount of love you’re allowed to give yourself be dependent on something outside of yourself happening i.e.: like getting a positive pregnancy test.

So How Do You Go About Filling Yourself Up With Love?

Here are some of my top tips to help:

  • Create a gratitude jar, dedicate a beautiful glass jar and every day put in a piece of paper on which you have listed 3 things you are grateful for (about yourself as well as your life in general). Find 3 new things every day, do this for 30 days.
  • Do something you love to do and that brings you joy. Do you like to take pictures? Grab your camera and go for it, Do you love to cook? Spend time in your kitchen etc…
  • Meet with friends face to face (especially now that we can again yay!). When women who share a close bond, get together, they release the love hormone, oxytocin. The depth and honest loving conversations amongst close friends are healing for the soul, so a great opportunity for that all-important hit of oxytocin.
  • Love your body! Create little rituals. For example, after a shower take the time to moisturise your body, start to think of your body as the future home of your child.

Watch What You Say In Your Head

Woman Practicing Self LoveLovingly reframe the self-talk in your head. How do you speak to yourself when nobody else is listening? What are you telling yourself that’s not conducive to your wish to conceive and nurture a child? Replace the self-punishing talk with more loving perspectives.

Give Yourself Time

Babies come when they want to, on their timeline, not yours! If you just try to push and force things to happen that are just not meant to be just yet, you will make life more difficult for yourself emotionally. When we feel we don’t have enough time we tend to panic and this changes our body chemistry. When the body panics, it gets the message that we are not safe, and its harder to conceive a child when the body is feeling unsafe. Allow yourself time to work things out. This goes against the ‘quick, don’t waste another precious month’ mentality that’s out there. If instead you use your extra time wisely and diligently and work your emotional blocks out first, time can be your friend.