Raise Your Vibe To Attract Your Baby

I’m a huge fan of Dr Joe Dispenza and he recently discussed on Instagram the importance of elevated emotions.  This got me thinking about women wanting to conceive a child.  Often when women have been on a fertility journey for a long time, their hope and positivity has dwindled at best and the thoughts and feelings in their head and body are starting to become negative.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza says:

“When you want to manifest something in your life, if you’re doing it as a victim or someone who’s suffering or feeling limited, your energy is not going to be consistent with your intended creation and you won’t be able to call that new future to you.  That’s the past.  You may have a clear intention and therefore, your mind maybe in the future because you can imagine what you want, but if you feel any of those familiar limited emotions, your body still believes in the same past experiences.”

Wowzers!! When I read this I was blown away, If this is the case, it’s really important to watch the thoughts in your head.  A really wonderful thing you can practice is simply daily meditation.  The practice of meditation creates a calm space in your mind between the thoughts so you can catch sight of the negative ones more easily and keep those emotions elevated.

Dr. Joe Dispenza goes on to say:

“Any lower-vibrational energy that you are feeling cannot carry the thought of your future dream.  It will carry only a level of consciousness equal to those limited emotions.  Therefore, if you are going to perform something that’s unlimited, you’d better feel unlimited. If you want to create freedom, you better feel free.  If you want to truly heal yourself, you’d better raise your energy to wholeness.  The more elevated the emotion you feel, the greater the energy you broadcast and the more influence you will have on the material world and matter, and the greater your energy, the shorter the amount of time it takes for your manifestation to appear in your life.”

So I ask you, what truly makes you feel joyful?

Woman feeling JoyousAre you actually making time in your week to do those things that makes your heart sing, if the answer is no, then that has to change.  Also do you write down your negative thoughts and feelings? Getting them out of your head and down onto the page can be a very healing way to make space for new positive thoughts and possibilities.

Dr. Joe also says:

“When there is a vibrational match between our energy and the energy of that potential, the longer you’re conscious of that energy, the more you will draw the experience to you. In this process, you relax and allow a greater mind – the consciousness of the unified field, to organise an event that’s right for you.  You essentially get out of the way. “

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Dr’ Joe’s insights about manifesting what you want in your life.  Why not drop me a message by clicking here.