How do you find certainty on a fertility journey?

Most women when faced with challenges that they can’t control (like their fertility) usually do one of three things. They either run away, try to numb themselves or try to control it. 

That’s what I see and hear from my fertility clients all the time. They end up caught in a web of trying to control the process and then struggle to come to terms with the fact that it’s the one thing in this life that they cannot control, no matter how hard they try!

When we control, it creates a contraction in us and this keeps us disconnected from knowing what to do.

FertilityTrue security comes from inside, where your heart resides, and you have that connection to your inner wisdom that is always guiding you like your own inner sat-nav. Yet, unfortunately, we are so removed from that place, we often can’t hear what it is telling us.

But if you can rise above all the noise, and tap into that place, then you can say:

“I already know I am going to be a mum in this life. It’s not my job to know how or when. I just know that it is my life’s purpose to become a mum and xxxxxxxx is my next step in getting there.”

The fertility journey is inevitably hard, you can feel sad, frustrated, angry, any number of difficult emotions. However, you can be feeling all these things and yet know in your heart that you will get there. Instantly this lifts some of the anxiety, providing you with moments of peace.  

Trusting and having faith. Tapping back into that security and certainty will keep you grounded on this journey.

Unfortunately, we aren’t taught to trust ourselves. In fact, we are conditioned into trying to control circumstances and think, there is always something in us to fix.

We need to surrender and have a loving acceptance of the circumstances exactly as they are. That can of course be difficult. So instead of looking at your body as something to fix, spend time cultivating a loving acceptance of it. Meditation practice is a wonderful way of doing this. Here is a great acceptance meditation that you could use.

As you feel a deepening love for your body and your current circumstances exactly as they are, you will also feel a deeply intuitive knowing of what is the right next step for you. When you follow the path of your deep inner knowing you will create different results for yourself.