Think Your Way Pregnant: Your Pregnancy Mindset

Have you ever thought about the role your mind plays, in how and when you get pregnant?

positive fertility mindset

Changing our thinking and our behaviour has a physical effect on the ageing of our minds and bodies. You can become biologically and physically younger by changing your beliefs and creating your notion of who you are and what you associate with pregnancy and motherhood. Changing your focus and pregnancy mindset can improve and boost your fertility.

For example, thoughts always affect the skin, which is why you have a rosy glow when you’re in love or feeling happy, and looks grey or drawn when you’re grieving or deeply unhappy.

Change Your Pregnancy Mindset

So…change your thoughts about your ability to have a perfect pregnancy and a perfect baby and delete all negative words connected to motherhood from your vocabulary. Thoughts even affect our immune system. By changing your language and making some modifications in the way you eat, sleep and behave, you can greatly influence your fertility. It all starts by adjusting how you think. Everything that is going on in your body, including how you react to being pregnant, has to start with the mind. For any area of your life that you want to change or control, you must begin by transforming your thoughts.

In life, so many things appear to be out of our control. In fact, the only real control we have over events is what we choose to think of them, what we decide something means, because the way we interpret an event or the meaning we attach to an event, will always affect us more than the event itself.

So catch the negative dialogue in your head when it happens, and then delete delete delete. Taking the time to replace with new, more positive thoughts. It may feel strange to start with but with a little effort and practice, you can completely overhaul your mindset and bring fertility back onto your bodies agenda just through thought alone.