Holding Your Fertility Lightly

Woman Holding A Flower

So many of my clients are told by well-meaning friends and family to just stop trying and then it will happen. But this is easier said than done of course, and often makes women feel like crap.

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Time and Timing

Pregnant Woman and her Child looking happy

I’ve worked with so many couples trying to get pregnant and it strikes me that almost always there is a delay that’s blocking the couple from getting pregnant. I like to refer to them as ‘life curve balls’. It could be a sudden change of circumstance, a sick parent, a house move, a job loss, moving countries, a financial upheaval etc. There are endless possible things that could be getting in the way.

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The Mind-Body Connection

The Mind Body Connection

I’m sure you’ve heard so many people in the alternative world talk about the mind-body connection, but how does it impact your fertility?

I thought I would share this great example of exactly how the physical body can mirror the emotional body and visa versa.

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