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Pregnancy improves your fertility age

By Cassie Everett | August 10, 2013

Did you know that within the cervix there are mucus producing cells, this is where the alkaline fertile mucus is produced that forms swimming lanes for the sperm so that they can reach the egg safely and easily.  Without fertile mucus sperm are killed on contact and so it’s a vital component for conception.  As…

Could a lack of laughter be preventing you from falling pregnant?

By Cassie Everett | August 8, 2013

The negative impact of stress on fertility is massive. In fact I would go as far as to say that the stress of trying to conceive is enough to stop you from falling pregnant. We see this playing out when couples suddenly fall pregnant at the same time as they adopt a child or deside…

Some fantastic news for older mums to be….

By Cassie Everett | July 14, 2013

In the Observer magazine this sunday there was a superb article on the true statistics around womens fertility and how in fact it doesn’t decline anywhere near as much when you reach 35 as is bounded around in the media.  What was interesting to me was that they highlight the fact that when the media…